Choosing a Child Care Provider

Regardless of the age of your child or the form of care selected, the same basic considerations apply in choosing child care. Your goal is to find reliable care that is provided in a safe and healthy environment.

To help you in this critical task, the Leavenworth County Health Department is pleased to offer you the following checklist prepared by the Everywoman’s Resource Center in Topeka, Kansas.

Take this checklist with you as you evaluate child care providers to assist you in making this important decision.


The facility is licensed or registered by the State of Kansas. (License No # 44729)
I can afford the fees. (Ask about our family flexible plan)
The provider is available during the hours and days needed. (Monday - Friday 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.)
The provider offers all the services that I require. (Full Service Center)
The group size and staff/child ratios are acceptable. (Meet state guidelines)
The program and/or philosophy of the provider are acceptable. (See our Mission Statement)
Nutritious meals and snacks are served. (Commensurate with State requirements)
Health and safety practices have been established and seem to be followed. (See postings)
The caregiver appears warm and friendly.
The caregiver has had training as well as experience in child care. (Degreed Certified staff)
Children are treated with respect and valued as individuals. (Family values taught)
The facility is bright and cheerful. (If not let us know)
The facility is clean and appears to be arranged in an orderly manner. (Daily)
There is a daily schedule that has a balance of physically active and quiet activities. (Posted)
The activities planned for the children seem to be appropriate for their ages. (9 classrooms)
The caregiver sets reasonable and consistent limits. (Ask Director any questions)
The caregiver comforts children when they are upset. (Ask Director any questions)
There are enough games, puzzles, blocks, books, and art materials to allow children to freely select activities that interest them. (Also computer and video games)
The outdoor play area is safe and there is space for children to run and play freely. (10,000 sq. ft. of playground area)
References are provided upon request. (See Director/Administration)
Caregivers welcome parents in the facility for scheduled and surprise visits. (Drop in any time)
A parent/provider contract is available, including an emergency health waiver. (See Director / Administrator)

Safety and Security
Is the school clean and well maintained?
Are effective security and emergency systems in play to assure children’s safety?
Are school vehicles equipped with seat belts?
Are seat belt rules enforced?
Is the school licensed?
Are all children under adult supervision at all times?

Are toys and learning materials safe, plentiful, and age-appropriate? Are the sanitized properly?
Does the program keep children busy and stimulated throughout the day with a variety of activities?
Are classrooms well organized with clearly defined spaces? Are there preschool learning centers?
Do children receive individual and group attention?
Are parents welcome and encouraged to visit at any time?

Teachers and Staff
What are the staff credentials and experience?
Is ongoing training provided for teachers and staff?
Is the school’s atmosphere warm, loving and responsive to children?
Do parents receive regular written communication? Daily for infants?
Is the curriculum appropriate for children at different developmental levels?